Profile and objectives

The NeuroAkustik laboratory provides medical engineering students and other interested parties with insights into the processing of sound signals in the auditory system. The laboratory experiments conducted in small groups complement the lectures and seminars in the medical engineering program (Bachelor and Master).


The NeuroAkustik laboratory offers the following measuring stations:

  • Acoustic booth for listening experiments and test of hearing devices
  • Bio-signal amplifier for the registration of auditory evoked potentials
  • Registration system for otoacoustic emissions
  • Computer-aided simulation of various aspects of the hearing process (e.g. vibrations of the basilar membrane)
  • Computer-aided simulation of electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve
  • Computer-aided simulation of the signal processing in cochlear implants
  • Embedded systems programming and circuit design

Internships and exercises

The experiments are carried out in small Groups.