Physiologie und Medizinische Sensorik

Physiology and Medical Sensors

Profile and objectives

The Physiology and Medical Sensor Technology Laboratory is aimed at students of medical technology. It should deepen some of the contents, which were illuminated in the lecture Physiology. The student should also learn to find out and understand interrelationships in various experiments.


The Physiology and Medical Sensor Technology Laboratory offers the following modern workplaces:  

  • Audiometry workstation
  • Workstation sonography with b/w pulse wave doppler
  • Biopac workplace cardiovascular
    • EKG, heart rate, heart rate variability HRV, peripheral pulse, heart tones, blood pressure according to Riva-Rocci
  • Biopac workstation for physiological signals
    • EKG, EMG, EOG, ENG, EEG, Electrodermal activity EDA (phasic and tonic component)
  • Biopac workplace Reflexes and response
    • Elektrische and mechanical stimuli, reflex responses on the finger and limbs, acoustic stimuli and universal psychophysiological parameters
  • Biopac workplace Pulmonary function - Pulmology
    • Exhalation curve, Breathing Rate, Volume Measurement, Tidal Volume, Inspiratory, Expiratory and Residual Capacity 

Internships and Tutorials

The experiments are organized in small groups.