Labor Programmiersprachen

Programming Languages


Campus Offenburg

Profil and Objectives

The programming languages lab offers the opportunity to gain practical experience with various programming languages, programming concepts and paradigms. In addition to classic object-oriented languages such as Java, C# and C++, functional languages (Haskell, OCaml, Racket, Erlang, Elixir), scripting languages (Python, Javascript, Typescript), languages for mobile platforms (Objective-C, Swift, Dart) or system languages (Rust) are also used. In addition, modern approaches to software design and software architecture are examined. The lab also offers insights into the implementation of programming languages, focusing on type systems, compilers and interpreters.


Internships and Tutorials

  • Internship Programming 1 and 2 (with Python)
  • Internship Programming 1 (with Java)
  • Internship Algorithms & Data structures (with Python and Java)
  • Internship Advanced Programming