Hochfrequenztechnik und Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit

High-Frequency Engineering and EMC

A dream of mankind came true when Heinrich Hertz's experiments at the Technical University in Karlsruhe opened up the possibility of sending messages wirelessly over long distances.

The science that has intensively dealt with this task to this day is high-frequency technology. It is always spoken of when an electrical voltage, current or electromagnetic field changes within approx. 10-7 to 10-12 seconds. Radio and television technology are the classic examples of high-frequency technology. In the meantime, the area has of course become much more extensive.

Current applications are radio relay, satellite television, mobile phone, navigation, radar, earth observation with satellites, telemetry of space probes and satellites, measuring sensors, microwave ovens etc. The trend is towards even higher frequencies.

Internships and Tutorials

In the Laboratory for High-frequency Technology and EMC, six laboratory tests are offered in various areas of high-frequency technology. Recently it has also become possible to take measurements via the Internet.

Current Projects

  • Entwicklung einer Technologieplattform zur automatisierten Produkt- und Produktionskonfiguration radartransparenter Radom-Heizfolien mit maßgeschneiderter Geometrie und Funktionscharakteristik (ZIM-Projekt)
  • PRYSTINE -PRogrammable sYSTems for INtelligence in automobilEs

Students Jobs

  • Realisierung einer Phasenregelschleife zur Ansteuerung eines 60 und 140 GHz RadarChips für Lokalisierungsanwendungen, Details finden sie hier.