Labor Elektromobilität

Electrical Mobility

Prof. Dr. Christian Klöffer and Prof. Dr. Patrick König jointly head the Electric Mobility Competence Center EMC² at INES. Together with research assistants and student assistants, the two professors are dedicated to research topics in the field of optimized operation of electric drive components of electric vehicles. This is done in cooperation with well-known national automotive companies and regional industrial partners as well as in the context of international research projects funded by the European Union (for more information, see the section on current and completed projects). The research activities are closely interlinked with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in order to offer young researchers the opportunity to obtain a doctorate.

Currently, the expansion of the existing test capacities for electric drive components of electric and hybrid vehicles is in progress. The planned test field is to have the following technical data:

Electric machine:

Mechanical power: < 300 kW

Mechanical speeds: < 20,000 1/min

Torques: <500 Nm

AC voltage amplitude: < 500 V

AC current amplitude: < 800 A

DC/AC converter:

DC voltage: < 900 V

AC current amplitude: < 800 A

Energy storage:

DC current: < 900 A

DC voltage: < 900 V

Abbildung 1: Area of Competence EMC^2

Abbildung 2: Test bench for small and hybrid drives