Edu FabLab HSO

Profile and objectives

The Edu FabLab HSO (= Education Fabrication Laboratory Hochschule Offenburg), which is still under construction, has been funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Art since 2019. A FabLab is defined as an ‘open workshop’ that provides technologies for the digital development and manufacture of products, ‘open’ meaning that such a FabLab can be shared by different groups of people. A FabLab offers the opportunity to learn, work and research together; knowledge can be shared and transferred.

As a living lab, the Edu FabLab HSO offers students a didactically open framework for project and research-oriented learning and for rapid prototyping by applying the knowledge acquired in the classroom. Students’ creativity, independence and application orientation should be encouraged. In particular, the Edu FabLab should be used for joint interdisciplinary projects of the different departments.

For teaching, the following interdisciplinary labs, theses or research projects are currently offered at the EMI Department:

Das EI-Projektlabor findet im ersten Semester des Studiengangs EI/EI-plus statt. Die Studierenden sollen eine interdisziplinären Entwicklungsaufgabe unter Benutzung einer Hardware- und Software-Grundausstattung im Edu FabLab der Hochschule Offenburg  bearbeiten und lösen.