Career Perspectives

The Master's degree in this programme generally qualifies students to work in the engineering sciences in industry and research institutions, enables further qualification within the scope of a doctorate and opens up access to higher service with public employers.

With the finalisation of the Master's programme EIM, graduates are enabled to take on leading positions in the electrical engineering and information technology industry, in particular in the energy industry, automation technology and communications technology, and to carry out entrepreneurial planning activities independently. Finally, the Master's programme EIM enables students to conduct their own research within the framework of a dissertation, particularly in the above-mentioned subject areas of electrical engineering and information technology.

The Master's programme with its theoretical-analytical but also application-oriented training components continues to enable the management and design of complex projects that require new strategic approaches. With regard to the personal development of the students, they are equipped with problem-solving skills, prepared to take responsibility for their own contributions in their scientific field and qualified for civil society involvement as an engineer.