Costs and Expenses


There are fees to be paid which include:

  • State Administration Fee per semester, €70
    This fee does not need to be paid by exchange students from partner universities or special scholarship program students
  • Student Services Fee per semester, €46
    This fee contributes to the student canteen, student residences, counseling services, student book store and other services offered by the "Studentenwerk"
  • Student Representative Organization Fees per semester, €18.
    This fee does not need to be paid by non degree seeking exchange students from partner universities or special scholarship program students
  • Service Contribution per semester, €150 (only for students studying in one of the English master's degree programs of the Graduate School)
    This fee is charged each semester for ongoing services of the Graduate School, such as liability insurance, assistance in finding accommodation, buddies, events and excursions. Students of the Graduate School, however, who have to pay the State Tuition Fee are exempted from the Service Contribution.
  • IBC-Program Tuition Fees: €10,400 (for students studying in the MBA-program International Business Consulting). Students of the MBA-program do not have to pay additional State Tuition Fees.
  • State Tuition Fee for Non-EU-citizens: €1,500. You are exempted from this tuition fee if 
    - You are a citizen of the EU and/or the EEA
    - Your spouse or one of your parent is a citizen of the EU and/or the EEA
    - You have received your qualification of university entrance from the state of Germany
    - You are officially recognized as a refugee in Germany
    - You are an exchange student from one of Offenburg University's partner universities, or
    - You were already enrolled at Offenburg University before the 2017/2018 winter semester
  • State Tuition Fee for a Second Degree: €650 (only for students who are not exempted from the State Tuition Fee for Non-EU-citizens and already obtained a master's degree from a Germany university)

This information is supplied without liability. The jurisdiction on the exemption from tuition lies with the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. For more information please click here.

Payment deadlines will be sent along with the admission letter. Exchange students from partner universities or special scholarship program students need to pay upon arrival.

Living expenses

Depending on your preferred lifestyle, average living expenses amount to approximately  €861 per month. Here is a breakdown of monthly expenses:                 



Health insurance (obligatory)


Study materials




Clothing, Public Transport, other


Total monthly expenses



For more information about the cost of rent, see the accommodation page.

Please note, in the first few days there will be several expenses such as your first rent, deposit, health insurance, etc. Therefore, we recommend bringing with you enough cash to cover these initial expenses.


Proof of financial support

In order to receive a student visa, foreign students must be able to prove to German authorities that they have enough financial support during their studies. This means, you must prove that you are able to cover at least your first year of studies. Currently, that amounts to € 853,00 per month, or a total of € 10236,00 for a year of study.

There are several forms of proof of financial support, which you can find listed in the "Financial Information" section in "Before Arrival".

Students will be responsible for their living expenses in Germany in addition to their tuition and fees. Before departure, it is a good idea to bring cash for your initial expenses, because a transfer from your home country could take 3-4 weeks. For more information about your first few days, please visit "Upon Arrival”.

Funding and scholarships

In Germany, scholarships are usually not granted by the universities themselves but by independent institutions and foundations. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a comprehensive database of scholarships and grants, which must be applied for from your home country before your arrival. Information about funding possibilities are also provided by the European Funding Guide.

Detailed information is also available through the DAAD regional offices, the German Embassy, German Consulate or German Official Representations in your home country, as well as from the specific organizations granting the scholarships.

At Offenburg a very limited number of partial scholarships are also available; applications for these are only open to students enrolled who have shown high academic performance and social commitment outside of class.

In addition, there are a few scholarships for international students, through which they can be exempted from the 1500 EUR state tuition fees for one year. To be entitled to apply, students must be enrolled at Offenburg University for their second semester (or higher) of the respective degree program.

Polish citizen MBT/MPE students from UWM in Olsztyn

In addition to the Erasmus grant, Polish citizen students from UWM in Olsztyn studying in the master's double degree programme "Process Engineering" or "Biotechnology" at Hochschule Offenburg can be supported financially. The funding is provided by the Georg-und-Maria-Dietrich-Stiftung, the Offenburger Bürgerstiftung St. Andreas and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) within the framework of STIBET III Matching Funds. The Georg-und-Maria-Dietrich-Stiftung aims to promoting the relationship between Offenburg and Olsztyn. As a scholarship holder, you will thus enjoy a great privilege - compared to the students of the other international Master's programmes in Offenburg!

This additional support is provided through an individual selection of scholarship holders by the Georg-und-Maria-Dietrich-Stiftung. A prerequisite is your successful participation in the summer language course “German as a Foreign Language”. In addition, you should participate actively in the events of the International Centre.

With your Erasmus application at Hochschule Offenburg (same application deadline) you can apply for the following funding. Please note that the amount of Erasmus grant and scholarship provided by the foundations is in sum max. 850,00 € per month (e.g. 500,00 € Erasmus funding + max. 350,00 € scholarship).  

max. 350,00 € per month (from September to February)

From September to February you can be funded with 350,00 € per month (in sum max. 2100,00 €). In September, the funding is provided by the Offenburger Bürgerstiftung St. Andreas (max. 175,00 €) and the DAAD (STIBET III, max. 175,00 €), and from October to February by the Georg-und-Maria-Dietrich-Stiftung (max. 175,00 €/month) and the DAAD (STIBET III, max. 175,00 €/month). As soon as the Georg-und-Maria-Dietrich-Stiftung made her decision, you will receive the preliminary acceptance or rejection from Melanie Schlüter. The scholarship payment will be done by Hochschule Offenburg.


200,00 € reimbursement of the summer course “German as a foreign language “

After having completed successfully the summer course „German as a foreign language “, the Offenburger Bürgerstiftung St. Andreas will reimburse you the fee of 200,00 €. Please be informed that you have to pay the course fee in advance and that you will be reimbursed after your successful completion of the course.


150,00 € reimbursement of the Service Contribution (Graduate School)

After having completed successfully the summer course „German as a foreign language“, the Georg-und-Maria-Dietrich-Stiftung takes over your service contribution. The Georg-und-Maria-Dietrich-Stiftung makes the payment directly to the Hochschule Offenburg.


The following fees have to be paid by yourself and cannot be reimbursed:

Student union fee

46,00 €


18,00 €




Application notes:

The application is done online together with your application as an Erasmus student at Hochschule Offenburg. If you want to apply for the additional funding, please confirm this in the application process and permit the International Office at Hochschule Offenburg to forward your documents to the foundations. During the application process you will be asked to upload different documents such as a personal motivation letter of max. one page and a CV in tabular form both in German language.

The scholarship payment has to be done to a German Bank account. This information can be handed in later.      


Polish citizen students from UWM in Olsztyn who want to apply as an Erasmus student and for the additional funding, please select the exchange program „Double Degree MBT/MPE (polish citizens)“ under this link.

Non polish citizen students from UWM in Olsztyn, who want to apply as an Erasmus student, please select the exchange program “Erasmus+ SMS” under this link (no possibility to apply for the additional funding).


We wish you success with your application and a pleasant stay in Offenburg!

Your International Center



For questions regarding this additional funding or the foundations, please contact Melanie Schlüter via

For questions concerning the study programs MBT or MPE, please contact Izabela Sosnik via or



Job Opportunities

Students who are EU-citizens are able to work in Germany without a work permit. 

Non-EU students have two opportunities:

  • Off-campus: 120 days per year, according to visa regulations for foreign students
  • On-campus: a limited number of assistantships and tutoring jobs are available

A basic knowledge of German is required for most jobs.

Minimum wage leaflet: In cooperation between the Universities of Applied Sciences and industry and other employers against the background of the Minimum Wage Act - Information for Universities, published by