End of Studies

The following information applies to all students who will no longer be studying at Offenburg University (i.e. not just those who have completed their degrees):


Request withdrawal: Exchange students must request withdrawal from the University from the registrar's office in writing. Graduating students are automatically withdrawn. 

Prepare examination checklist: Exchange students from partner universities send a checklist of all assessments in which they participated (exams, labs, seminars, etc.) to the International Office. The International Office then prepares the Transcript of records according to the list.  

Return borrowed items: Be sure to return all borrowed items to the library or the department from which they were borrowed.

Further Formalities

After your graduation or before you leave Offenburg, you should complete the following formalities:

Notice of departure or new residence permit

When you leave Germany, you must notify your local international office (Bürgerbüro) of your departure. 

Note that once you end your registration with the city, your residence permit also ends. If you wish to stay in Germany longer to search for a job, you may do so by applying for a new residence permit at least 14 days before the expiration date of your current permit. The new permit for the purpose of finding a job will be valid for a maximum of 12 months.


  • End of your rental contract: Be sure to inform you landlady/landlord in a timely manner of your departure and in accordance with the cancellation policy of your contract
  • Close your bank account
  • End your health insurance coverage
  • Terminate your phone line and any other agreements

Forwarding Mail

For a fee of between 19.90 and 34.90 EUR (depending on the duration of the service), you can request for the German Post Office to forward your mail to any address within Germany. More information (in German) can be found on its website.

Returning Home

Students from certain developing and emerging countries may have an opportunity at financial support upon their return. For more information, please visit the following websites:


World University Service

Career Center & Alumni Network

Once courses have been completed, the job search begins. The Offenburg University of Applied Sciences supports students and graduates as they enter the labor market through the guidance of the Career Center. The Career Center assists students with counseling, lectures and contacts that help further your career. More information can be found in German on their website.

Additionally you can benefit from the services offered by the Welcome Center Freiburg-Oberrhein. There are also private job-portals, as for example JA-Jobs, that offer special services and information for international students.

After studying at our University, you can register with the Alumni Network. This platform allows alumni to stay connected with their peers, make new contacts, exchange experiences and continue to receive updated information from the University.