During Studies


Registering for Tests

Early enrollment for tests is advisable, and you can also cancel your registration before the test. You should refer to the current study and test regulations and inquire about the current deadlines for test registration at the administrative offices.

You can register for your tests through the online service, which is available in German only. Further information is available from your program coordinator or the department secretary. Please note, if you register for a test but do not come, you will automatically fail that test.


Registering for Labs

You must register for your place in labs. Depending on the lab, you can do so through your Coordinator, directly with the professor or online through Moodle. If you do not attend a lab for which you have registered, you will fail that lab.


Re-registering for Studies

Students who wish to continue their studies or begin an internship must register for the next semster with the start of the re-registration period. The specific dates can be viewed in the academic calendar. You can register through an online registration service


Change of Degree Program

During your course of studies, if you decide to change your degree program you must notify the appropriate departments on campus. Additionally, you must go to the appropriate foreign nationals office in order to change your residence permit.

Student Services

IT Center

The IT Center (Rechenzentrum) is the location for all services related to internet access and computer use. Upon enrollment, students receive access data for internet use. Even before enrollment, there are computers that can be used with a guest account. All other important information is available on the overview page of the Rechenzentrum

University Library

In the University library (link in German) there are books, ebooks, movies, magazines and CDs available for students to borrow. All available media can be accessed through the online catalog, which is called OPAC.



The Information Center operates a university-wide e-learning platform, which is called Moodle. Moodle contains a variety of useful information for students, such as important dates and registration options. Additionally, you can utilize Moodle to contact professors, get important information about courses and lectures or meet fellow students.

Moodle also offers a tandem program for those seeking to learn a foreign language. Tandem programs pair up two people with different native languages, allowing these people to practice their target language. 

International students are able to search for a suitable tandem partner before arrival in Offenburg. In order to do so, simply request access to the Moodle platform by contacting sprachtandem@hs-offenburg.de 


Language Center 

There is a language center (link in German) available for learning foreign languages. There are language courses during the semester in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese. German as a foreign language is also taught beginning with the level of A1.2 (beginners with low basic skills). In order to achieve the level of A1.2, you can enroll in the Summer Language Course offered at the University. This course also offers higher levels for more advanced students. 


University Printing Office 

The printing office (link in German) is open to university students. Through the printing office, students can print lectures or copy, print and bind texts for a fee. It is located in building A rooms A004 to A007 in Offenburg. 



The cafeteria at Offenburg University (link in German) offers complete lunches for under €3,00 with a choice of various dishes. On a given day, there are usually three different menu options, often including a vegetarian dish. There is also a canteen where you may purchase snacks and drinks in between classes. The cafeteria and canteen are located in the same building on campus, across from building B in Offenburg. The cafeteria in Gengenbach (link in German) offers a similar menu, however, there is no canteen. 

Student Discounts

Students are offered many attractive incentives that ease the burden on the budget. All public institutions and most private businesses offer student discounts. It is therefore worthwhile to always ask for special student prices.


ISIC - International Student Identity Card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a worldwide accepted proof of student status and offers benefits and discounts in over 100 countries. The card, which is valid from September 1 to December 31 of the following year, is available for €12,00 in the "Studentenwerk" Office, found in the entrance hall of building B in Offenburg. Further information can be found at www.isiccard.com.


"Carte Culture "-passport to the French Alsace region

Whoever wants to discover Strasbourg, Colmar or Mulhouse in neighboring France is able to with the Carte Culture. For € 6,50 per school year (September 1 to June 30) students from our University receive free admission to 22 Alsatian museums and highly reduced admission to many cultural highlights.These cultural highlights include: Theater, culture events, music events and movie theaters. Students may purchase their Carte Culture at the beginning of the Winter Semester by presenting their matriculation certificate to Vera Vanié, room B030 in Offenburg.


By bicycle

The number one mode of transportation for students in Offenburg is bicycle. Offenburg offers several paths well suited for bikes as well as a great topographical condition for biking. For most students, the University is within biking distance, so traveling by bike is a quick and cost efficient mode of transportation. Therefore, you should make arrangements for having a bike during your studies. There are many inexpensive, used bikes available. If you need to purchase or repair a bike, the INT has compiled a list of bike dealers and repair shops to assist you in your search.

By bus

The bus system in Offenburg is called the "Schlüsselbus" and is an extensive network throughout Offenburg and in the outlying region. The University has a bus stop, which is reached by line S8 and S10. There is more detailed information in German on the website for the Ortenau bus line.

You can find detailed informations about bus systems in the Ortenau region and in Baden-Württemberg on the website "Elektronische Fahrplanauskunft Baden-Württemberg".

For long distances we recommend to compare the fairs offered by bus companies with the the fairs offered by bus companies.

By train

Students at the Gengenbach campus can purchase a monthly card to arrive to Gengenbach from Offenburg. You must purchase a 3-Zone ticket in order to cover the entire route, which is € 36,00 per month for students.

If you plan on traveling often within Germany, there are several special offers through the German train company, of which you should make yourself aware. These include the Baden-Württemberg-Ticket and Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket.

Further Information

There are other sections of this website which inform you on other offers, tips and important information. For more about Offenburg, Gengenbach and the Ortenau region, please refer to City and Region. Sporting possibilities can be found under Campus Life. You can also find news in the sections Cultural ProgramSenior Service and INT News. You may also want to have a look at the interesting program of courses offered for international students by STUBE.