Campus Life


During the semester there are several sporting opportunities for you to enjoy through the University. There is a list in German of all the sports clubs offered, as well as a listing of when and where they meet. Some clubs, for example the sailing club, have their own website in German. More sporting opportunities will be posted throughout the University at the beginning of the semester.

In May, there is a University Sport's Day ("Hochschulsporttag"). On this day, none of the regularly scheduled University courses take place. Instead, there is a variety of sports events, which you can register for beforehand.

Within the Ortenau region, there are also several sporting opportunities. Some major events occur in the region including: The Offenburg city run, the mountain bike world cup and a triathlon. A list of sports clubs in Offenburg can be found in German on the city's website

University Events

The University puts together a variety of special events, which include:

International Evening
During the Winter Semester, international students are given this excellent opportunity to present the customs, culture and food from their homeland. More information can be found in the "Cultural Program" section.

International Barbecues
Each semester the INT and AStA (link in German) offer a barbecue as an opportunity for German and international students to become acquainted with each other. There are inexpensive drinks offered, and you can bring food to grill.

Offered through the INT, this event allows students the opportunity to get to know members of the Senior Service and practice their German. Free food and drink are offered at this event, which can be found in the "Cultural Program" section.

University Graduation
Every April and October, the University has a celebration. There are interesting speakers from area businesses, and afterward there is a dinner for graduates of the international Master's degree programs. The dates can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Movie Shorts
Since 1999, students from the Media and Information department have organized a movie short film festival, with student-produced films. The best films are shown one evening in the Offenburg movie theater, Forum. More information in German can be found at the film festival website (link in German).

Every semester there is a lecture series with an overall theme. The guest lecturers are outside specialists on the given theme. Generally the presentations are Tuesday evenings and in German. After the event, there are small snacks and an opportunity to speak with the guest speaker.

Recruiting Fair
In the Winter Semester the marketing department and the Career Center (link in German) organize a recruiting fair at the university. Students have the opportunity to gather information from the companies and eventually apply with them. Additionally, you can find information about applying for German companies. There are no classes on this day.

Welcome Party and Concerts
AStA (link in German) organizes parties for the beginning of your first semester.
Throughout the semester, the University regularly organizes concerts. Specific events are advertised with posters on campus and through AStA (link in German).

Once a month international and German students meet at the "Sprachencafé".

Advisory Services

Career Center
The Career Center (link in German) assists you in the development of your personal and professional profile, and additionally helps you to enter the workforce. They offer personal advice, assistance with contacting employers and a varied program which includes seminars, workshops and lectures. Additionally, there are presentations designed specifically for international students.

Translated as the General Student Committee (link in German), AStA is a group of elected students representing the interests of the students within the University. The office is located in building B, room B020 in Offenburg, and in room 208 in Gengengbach. Outside the offices there are notice boards with the latest information. AStA organizes parties, sports events and meetings for German and international students.

University Congregation
The University congregation (link in German) is a Catholic congregation, but opens itself to students of all religions and cultures. The University minister, Mr. Thomas Rentmeister, offers advice, guidance, lectures and much more. Each Tuesday at 6 p.m., the congregation meets at Zähringerstr. 38 and anyone interested is invited to join them. 

Procrastination Ambulance
If you have difficulties learning, stress from testing, problems concentrating or troubles completing your work, you may contact Ms. Großhans, room B251 in Offenburg, for coaching and seminars to overcome these problems.

Psychological Services
The Studentenwerk Freiburg also offers psychological counseling. Information is available in the student union, located in building B in Offenburg, room B017.

Ombuds Office for Gender Issues
The Ombuds Office is available for special counseling services especially for women and is committed to equal opportunities and the advancement of women at the Universiy.

Student Projects

A project by students from various disciplines that deals with the development and production of a low energy vehicle. The team regularly participates at the Shell Eco-marathon (a competition for cars with the lowest possible fuel consumption), where it has already achieved several awards. The media department also works with this group to cover the events. More information can be found on the main website (link in German). 

Autonomous helicopters (link in German) are another project. Using the latest technology, model helicopters are equipped with GPS-based navigation systems and under optimized conditions, the mini-helicopters can be steered to specific points and remain so long as is required, for example in order to obtain certain camera shots. Several companies have shown a great interest in this project.

Magma Offenburg
The student group Magma Offenburg (link in German) regularly takes part in a 3-D soccer simulation league, which is a robot soccer competition. In this competition, the robots are not controlled by their creators, but instead by a software program. The robots then deal with problems such as lack of cooperation or limited energy.

Black Forest Formula Team
In the Black Forest Formula Team (link in German) students from several different degree programs including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and Media come together as a team to construct a Formula race car. Across Europe there are construction competitions for these "formula students" to meet with several other Universities of Applied Sciences and present their solution.

Student Consulting e.V.
A consulting service composed of students from the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. With qualified student staff and advisers, StuCon (link in German) is a consulting service for small and medium-sized companies, which value the importance of quality work. This project gives students the opportunity to practice their chosen field of study.

Radio OHTon
Radio OHTon (link in German) is the radio station of the University, mainly run by students of the Media and Information department, but it is open to all students. The station runs several programs aroun the clock.


University Orchestra
The Offenburg University Orchestra was founded in 2014 on the occasion of the Hochschule's 50th anniversary. It is a modern brass band for intermediate-level players, open to all students and and staff members of the University. Further information (in German) can be found on their website: University Orchestra.