Study Content

1. Automotive Mechatronics

This focus area deals mainly with mechatronic systems in vehicles. In the past, cars only needed electricity for starters, ignition and lights. Today, mechatronic systems such as parking aids, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) are standard equipment in vehicles.

The focus area Automotive Mechatronics includes the following modules/courses:

  • Automotive mechatronics
  • Automotive engineering and drives
  • Fluid and Thermodynamics
  • automotive electronics

2. Robotics and Industrial Mechatronics

In the industrial halls and manufacturing plants of the future, the machines communicate with each other and have self-optimizing properties. Most of the engineers there are mechatronics engineers. They plan the operating processes and make sure that the machines understand each other. But mechatronics engineers are also needed for the construction and commissioning of complex production and testing facilities. To achieve this, they need a deeper understanding of the processes to be supported.

The focus area Industrial Mechatronics includes the following modules/courses:

  • Bus systems and Interfaces
  • Industrial Mechatronics
  • Automation Systems
  • Integration of Systems