Course of Study

The Bachelor's programme Electrical Power Engineering / Physicsplus comprises a total of seven semesters.

  • The first four semesters include technical and pedagogical basics.
  • In the fifth semester, students complete a practical study semester in an industrial company.
  • In the sixth and seventh semesters, students deepen their knowledge.
  • In the seventh semester, the study programme ends with the preparation of the final thesis (Bachelor Thesis).
  • Two internships at schools during the semester break make it easier to choose between the career goal of engineer or teacher.

Those who decide to become a teacher start a three-semester Master's programme after completing their Bachelor's degree. This is followed by a traineeship (Referendariat) and the second state examination, which qualifies for higher education at vocational schools. 

But even those who do not decide to become a teacher after completing their studies can further qualify by beginning a Master's degree in engineering.