Career Perspectives

This study programme offers you the choice between different professional goals after graduation:

  • You are qualified as a Bachelor of Computer Science or Business Informatics and can start your professional career in industry and business.
  • You can follow a Master's programme that deepens your academic knowledge and thus further qualify for a position in research and development.
  • You can join a special postgraduate Master's programme to become a teacher at vocational schools. This third option is indicated by the name suffix "plus" of the degree Programme.

The career decision "teacher or (business) computer scientist" will be made considerably easier for you.

The professional profile of this study programme largely corresponds to that of the parallel study programme in Business Computer Science, supplemented by pedagogical and didactic basics, including two short internships at vocational schools.

These pedagogical subjects (approx. 15% of your time spent studying) will make it easier for you to decide to work as a (business) computer scientist after graduation or to continue your studies with the aim of becoming a teacher.

If you then decide on a career as a (business) computer scientist, you will have acquired a valuable additional qualification.

It is also possible to further qualify through the consecutive Master's programme "Vocational Training in Computer Science/Economics (IW-BB)" (another 3 semesters).