Study Content

In the first year of their studies in France, which is mainly used for orientation, students acquire the fundamental knowledge they will need later in their studies. From the second year onwards, they are taught in-depth electrical and information technology content, such as communication technology, circuit design and signal processing. In the third year, students choose one of two following specializations to further advance their knowledge: 

Automation Engineering

The specialization Automation Engineering deals with the automatization of industrial processes, plants or robots. Students learn about the control and drive technologies required for automation, as well as the project planning of such systems. 

Embedded Systems

In the Embedded Systems specialization, students acquire the skills to design, build and program embedded systems, sensors and actuators, which are the basis of all technical systems – from smartwatches to autonomous vehicles. 

A special feature of this study program is its emphasis on practical training, including extensive laboratory work, practical projects and an internship semester, which is usually completed at a company in one of the participating countries.