Career Perspectives

The aim of this trinational study program is to qualify students for the fields of applied research, development, project planning, production and sales on both sides of the Rhine and to award them French, German and Swiss degrees in the course of their studies.

For example, a study carried out by the Franco-German University in 2011 proves that graduates do not need more than 3 months to get a qualified job. Personal and professional development is encouraged and benefits graduates at an international level.

With a solid foundation, an internship semester, projects and interesting specialisations, graduates have access to a broad spectrum of fields of work. The study programme is comparable to the Bachelor's programme in Electrical Engineering/Information Technology at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.

Bilingual education prepares students for a professional career in Germany, France or Switzerland, especially in companies operating along the Rhine. With the progressive merging of national markets into a common European market, graduates have excellent prospects for the future.
In addition to a direct entry into an engineering career, students have the opportunity to continue their studies in Master's programmes in Germany, France and Switzerland, in particular at Offenburg University and at their partner universities in Strasbourg or Grenoble.