Module Guide

Mechatronik plus (MK-plus)

Introduction to Pedagogy and Didactics

Teaching Methods Seminar/Lecture/Praxis
Learning objectives / competencies

- Understanding the amplifier as the basic function of the analog signal processing.
- Capability of behavioral modeling by means of equivalent circuit diagrams and signal flow images.
- Mastering the dimensioning of transistor and operational amplifier circuits at given values
- Understanding the application-dependent function, the accuracy and speed requirements of analog-
Digital and digital analogue converters.
- Ability to design and transform and minimize combinatorial circuits.
- Understanding of the time behavior in digital networks and ability to determine the critical path.
- Ability to design simple synchronous switches such as counters and state machines with systematic
- Learn the basic principles of the design of digital circuits.


Duration 2
SWS 7.0
Classes 105 h
Self-study / group work: 195 h
Workload 300 h
ECTS 10.0
Max. Participants 36
Recommended Semester 3-4
Frequency Annually (ws)

Schulpraxis I

Type Praxis
Nr. EW1204
SWS 1.0

Grundlagen der Didaktik beruflichen Lehrens und Lernens (Übung)

Type Übung
Nr. EW1203
SWS 2.0

Grundlagen der Didaktik beruflichen Lehrens und Lernens

Type Vorlesung
Nr. EW1202
SWS 2.0

Einführung in die Erziehungswissenschaften für Berufspädagogen

Type Vorlesung
Nr. EW1201
SWS 2.0