Module Guide

Mechatronik plus (MK-plus)

Mathematics II

Recommended prior knowledge

Mathematics I

Teaching Methods Lecture/Tutorial
Learning objectives / competencies

After successfully visiting this module

Students have the basics for dealing with complex numbers and can build on this application in different areas of engineering sciences

Students familiarize themselves with the differential and integral calculus of several variables and can, in particular, solve optimization problems (extreme value problems) and are able to formulate application problems as a range integrals, using kartesical, cylindrical and spherical coordinates appropriately and to calculate multiple integrals.

Students are able to use power and fourier series representations for approximation problems. The students record technical dynamic processes using differential equations and master basic solving techniques.

Duration 1
SWS 6.0
Classes 60 h
Self-study / group work: 90 h
Workload 150 h
ECTS 5.0
Requirements for awarding credit points


Recommended Semester 2
Frequency Annually (ws)

Bachelor Mechatronics-plus


Elektrotechnik II

Type Vorlesung/Übung
Nr. EMI307
SWS 6.0
Lecture Content
  • Description of alternating variables
  • From the pointer diagram to the complex representation of currents and voltages Sinusoidal currents and voltages on resistor, coil and capacitor,
  • Linear networks, local curves
  • Resonant circuits and filters
  • Three-phase systems
  • Transformers
  • Fourier series expansion

Weißgerber, W., Elektrotechnik für Ingenieure 2, Wiesbaden, Vieweg, 2000