Autonomous Systems

Profile and objectives

The Autonomous Systems Laboratory provides infrastructure for software projects. It complements the courses "SoftwareEngineering I", "SoftwareEngineering II", "Object-Oriented Software Development (Lecture+Laboratory)" and Project 2 in the Bachelor programmes, as well as KILaboratory and Project in the Master programme Computer Science.

Current projects:

Finalized projects:

  • Attractive: Transportation Optimization (BMBF)
  • Codie:  Distributed execution of software in a cluster
  • SimManager: Realization of RoboCup football tournaments



  • 6 PCs for the RoboCup Simulation


  • version management: Git
  • Modeling: Visual Paradigm (SE)
  • Development: Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio
  • Automation: Jenkins
  • Error Management: Gitlab
  • Database: MySQL

Most of the software products mentioned above are available free of charge for private use.
The Hochschule Offenburg has a university license for Visual Paradigm, under which they can also use the program on their computers as part of their studies. 

Internships and Tutorials