What we do 

Our project mainly supports the rural population of Morocco. We help people to create the necessary conditions to be able to provide for themselves better in the future and thereby help their country

Our goal

In cooperation with the foundation Morocco Formare we design, develop and implement LED lamps and solar systems and transfer the knowledge so that the children and young people of the Association AHLI (House of Street Children) in Taroudant can produce, install and sell these lamps and solar systems themselves in Morocco.

Education changes everything!

The Transfer of knowledge and the training of young people as well as their teachers are decisive for success. We are convinced that this will contribute to mutual understanding between cultures and at the same time create the conditions for new jobs as well as earning opportunities in order to give young people in Morocco hope for their future.   

Our team

We are students of the Offenburg University and study in different degree programs and semesters. The project enables us:

  • to take initiative and take on responsibility
  • to support us in solution-oiented systems thinking
  • to gain experience in interdisciplinary teamwork
  • to gain international and intercultural experience

How you can support us:

Material donations: Support us with a donation in kind such as solar panels, solar inverters, LEDs or embedded systems such as Arduino components.

Money donations: Support us with a one-off or regular donation to finance the necessary materials, microcredits in Morocco and us students with grants for the exchange of knowledge in Morocco.

Volunteering: Support us in the training of young people in Morocco or help us to realize AHLI as a reference project.